Hand - Held Metal Detector

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Hand-held metal detectors are designed for quick and efficient body search scanning for knives, weapons, and concealed metal objects. Metal detector wands offer a practical, low-cost alternative to the airport-style walkthrough, arch type detectors which are designed for rapid scanning of high volumes of people. Hand-held metal detectors are often used in conjunction with walk-through metal detectors, enabling operators to scan a person’s body to locate exactly where metal objects are concealed. They are extremely easy to operate simply requiring a single sweep across a subject’s body or across a bag or container, to detect hidden metal objects.


Hand-Held Metal Detector Applications

Hand-held metal detector applications include:

  • Door security at nightclubs.
  • Security at football stadia or other sporting events.
  • Security at music festivals and other events.
  • Schools, colleges, local authorities, and businesses where knife crime prevention is a priority.
  • Body scanning to locate metal items after a walk through a metal detector arch alarm.



In order to avoid the risk of being accused of bias or victimization when scanning randomly selected subjects, it’s important to ensure that selection is entirely random. Our Random Search Selector ensures that operators will not be accused of bias or prejudice by ensuring genuinely random selection.

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