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Have a short-term IT Hardware rental requirement, or have an immediate need for IT hardware with a limited budget?

ADS SOLUTIONS is a one stop solution for multi-vendor equipment rental.

Why to Rent Hardware with ADS SOLUTIONS ?

Nowadays any company can face a financial problem while handling different projects, which can make it highly impossible to invest any capital in buying IT equipment. This is where our IT equipment Rental comes into the picture, we offer an optimal and cost-effective solution for companies who want to get IT Hardware to keep the project on track until they get the sufficient funds or feel confident to invest in the Hardware. We have a huge customer base who rent out our Information Technology equipment to set up their offices & warehouses or to set up any major relocation of any company, and for other requirements. We also provide Custom made solution for our clients on request.




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Want to get Laptop, Printer, scanner, or other electronic products in a remote location? How about a busy metropolitan city? Wherever you are, ADS SOLUTIONS will get it for YOU.

Why Leasing equipment for business is always a boon?

When it comes to Renting & when Companies need IT hardware for a short range of periods of time, Renting could be a perfect alternative. Renting IT hardware not only helps the companies to minimize their risks associated with the purchase of products but also helps in maximizing the profits. At ADS SOLUTIONS, we are very flexible with our IT equipment rental and provide them at affordable prices, at your new if at any particular point of time you feel the need to purchase the equipment that you are renting from us, you have the flexibility to also do that.

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