Earth Pit Testing

Earthing or Grounding of Diesel Generator is vital to make sure correct operation of the plant and safety of the people that beat there like technicians. Generator neutral is to be connected by insulated earthing conductor through the neutral earthing link or device to main earthing bar. Neutral earthing conductor is to be suitably sized to hold maximum earth fault current for time it takes the system protection to work with final conductor temperature not exceeding 160 deg. C, but not but 30 mm2 per 100 kVA of generator rating, with a minimum of fifty mm2. All emergency power generator including portable gensets to be connected to grounding conductor.

Earth pit testing is a very essential process to ensure whether your earthing system is working properly or not for the smooth function of Generator. This test must be done once a year or at least twice a year. Earth pit testing includes the following tests such as


1. Soil Resistivity Test

Soil Resistivity test is done to analyze the soil resistance value by an instrument known as Megger.


2. Earthing Resistance Test

This test is mainly done to find the resistivity value of the soil after the earth electrode is installed. This test important to ensure the proper working of the earthing electrode. This test is also done by the Megger with the help of two spikes.